Order Statuses

Awaiting Payment

On Hold

When an order is on hold it must be approved by Retailite before the payment can be accepted. This usually occurs when we receive payments in foreign currencies, and most often on PayPal. If you want us to expedite this feel free to contact us.


Processing means the order has been paid and will most likely be completed and shipped by the end of the day. The primary exception to this is backorders, which may take a few weeks to be shipped to Retailite from our suppliers.


Orders are completed once the products are verified in inventory and have been packaged for shipment.


Orders that are shipped have had their postage paid and have been released to the United States Postal Service (USPS).


Failed orders can occur for numerous reasons. Usually orders fail when credit cards or other forms of payment are declined (insufficient funds, fraud, etc.), or when an order awaiting payment doesn’t get paid in a 15 minute time window.


When items are backordered, they must be shipped from Retailite’s suppliers. This can take a matter of weeks; international customs processing times vary, and can ship as quickly as 1 week and as slowly as 4-6 weeks. Most often it takes closer to 1-2 weeks. Once the item has been received by Retailite, it will be packaged and shipped immediately.


How Long does shipping take?


If you live in the United States please refer to the rates below:

  • First-Class Mail® (3-5 Days*)
  • Priority Mail 3-Day™ (2-3 days*)
  • Priority Mail Express 2-Day™ (1-2 days*)


Canada – Shipping to Canada is currently the only international shipping option that provides tracking for First Class packages (least expensive). For all other countries, you must use Priority Mail International® or Priority Mail Express International™.

For all other countries, refer to the times below:

  • First-Class Package International Service™ (Varies by destination; 1-3 weeks*)
  • Priority Mail International® (6-10 Business days to many major markets*)
  • Priority Mail Express International™ (3-5 Business Days to many major markets*)

Rates for both domestic and international shipments can be calculated on your cart (retailite.com/cart) with at least one item added, or on the USPS website. If using the USPS website, make sure to mark the item as a package. Weight information can be found on the product listing page.

Please understand that once the package has been released by Retailite to the USPS, it is no longer under our control. International shipments can take multiple weeks to arrive, and depending on your country’s postal service you may be charged customs fees that could be either a flat rate or a percentage of the package’s worth (written on the international customs form). You as the buyer are responsible for knowing your country’s shipping requirements, and paying any customs fees imposed on your packages.

*Times are never guaranteed; the USPS is usually very punctual but several things can delay shipment (e.g. weather, transportation, etc). International shipments can take multiple weeks depending on the international customs processing and the customer’s country’s postal service.

Returns and Refunds Policy

Shipping Problems

In the rare even a package wasn’t delivered or the wrong address was provided by the customer and the package did not arrive, at it’s discretion Retailite will ship the package again free of charge as long as it was returned to us for failing to deliver. If the package was delivered to the wrong address and somebody else has it, you will have to reorder the product to get another one.